Arduino Day – Review

Last 29th of March 2014, we celebrated in ISCTE-IUL the Arduino Day.

The Arduino Day was a universal celebration of the birthday of Arduino, with a lot of events, of different types, worldwide.

There were only 4 events (including ours) for this celebration in Portugal,. One workshop in a Secundary school (Agrupamento de Escolas Júlio Dantas), some workshops and presentations in I.P. Tomar, and Show and teel in a professional school (CINEL).

In ISCTE-IUL we had done 4 presentations:

  • CSEduino – Build your Arduino from scratch by João Alves;
  • Different Flavours, the same goal (Arduino and the .NETMicroFramework) by César Afonso;
  • BITalino: Let’s get phy… siological by Hugo Plácido;
  • Arduino usages in commercial projects by Guilherme Martins;

At the same time, we had Show and Tell activities. There were some hacklabs, stores and enthusiasts that accepted the challenge, for example, MafraLab, Artica, AltLab, Leds&Chips, BeeVeryCreative and Tarquinio Mota.

Some stores gived way prizes and done some special promotions for all! (Thanks Elektor and Leds&Chips).

The presentations were complemented with a live streaming done by our partners, Livestreaming, that were followed by 162 persons worldwide!

In the all event 137 persons attended to our invite to celebrate, that make this event a huge success! The organization was responsability of Nuno Cancelo and IEEE ISCTE-IUL SB, counting with some friends and Adetti support.

We hope next year we can celebrate again!

Happy Birthday Arduino!

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And see all the photos at Flickr!

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