Marcos Pinto is an International IEEE Paper Contest Finalist

We are proud to announce that the scientific article made by one of our Student”s Branch representatives was selected among the top 5 articles in the whole Region 8, which means the best from three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa.\r\n\r\nThis article will be presented in the main European conference “Eurocon 2013” at Zagreb, where it will have the opportunity to run for best Student Paper 2013.\r\n\r\nNotice that to reach this level it was selected first among the best on the national level, which is by itself the best recognition it can have among the Portuguese Research Community, and then on the international level to reach the only five spots for all the Region 8.\r\n\r\nThis reinforces the importance and distinction of our Student Branch, of our Engineering School of ISCTE-IUL and the Portuguese Research on a worldwide level.\r\n\r\nWe congratulate Marcos Pinto on his great work and we are very happy to have him on our IEEE team.\r\n\r\nTo check the official letter, see this link: SPC 2013 First Phase Report_9March13\r\nServices online can do as much as finish assignment for you according to your requirements right there check this out yourself.\r\n

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