On Leaving Greece

On Leaving Portugal, I went to Greece for a week, to teach about Web Design and Web Development to students from University of Central Greece and all of my friends started asking, have you seen riots, is the crisis that bad, how are the Greek surviving? And I really need to give them a good enough answer because Greece on Google on appears next to Crisis, 64% youth unemployment, riots and other pessimistic news… So once and for all, guys, Greece is not what you see in the news, like any country it depends on the people, and the people who welcomed us from Athens to Lamia, were more than exceptional…were beyond anything you may see in the news, beyond any type of economical crisis, they just knew how to enjoy what they have…and truly welcome us in a full Greek fashion. IMG_0320 No bit of our visit had a moment of anxiety, everything was prepared, every member of IEEE UCG just treated us like “sirs” , and tried to learn the maximum, exceeding even our own knowledge to develop this sense of working on the Web. Of course, the courage of IEEE Members of UCG, in a town called Lamia, was refreshing during the 4 days where we had an intensive non-stop bootcamp with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP in mind. And so it started, every day at 9AM, giving us a challange and a mission to teach every student enough to develop a website at the end for the final presentation. At first, every projet seemed ambitious, from honey shops to whole communities with chat systems and image procesing features, the hardest part was just to stop dreaming and start doing.   The whole meaning of this IEEE CS Trainings Programme was to teach them enough for them to continue teaching the next students, becoming the next Trainers in this type of Programme. IMG_0185[1]   And after 4 days it was mind-blowing, the amout that the students knew, about every bit of Bootstrap, about the little things they learned in WordPress, about simple CSS rules which changed all of the things that we taught them, they have seriously exceeded themselves in some aspects maybe even exceeded us.   The most important tip we left is: Google Search everyday! I bet all those who work on web already know why.   And the Town of Lamia, which hardly appears on the map, was really something mesmarizing, of all the hills we climb in Lisbon, we cannot compare of what they climb to reach the other point of the city, or the castle overlooking the sea, or any other important point, you just get used to climbing, and who needs a gymnasium anyway.   Three things are very important for anyone who wishes to visit greece, or Lamia in that case.\r\n


  • The central square is filled with little stands selling all the food you might need for a quick snack, 24/7, a concept we should adopt.
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  • The great Frappe/Freddo coffee the greeks drink everyday, ignore portuguese coffee flavour, just try some of that special ice coffee they have.
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  • Souvlaki, just search on google images and you will see how delicious it looks, if you went to Greece and havent had a souvlaki, shame on you…
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\r\n190520131568[1]   On Leaving Greece is , there no greater wish in me than to come back, and to see everything again, everything anew and even visit all those islands which every student mentioned, every other city around the Greek coast, and every place where I can find more people of this amazing organization called IEEE.   And right now, those who are connected to the web, those who develop the web, are creating new borders, in an association like IEEE this is truly the best ground to continue to grow, together with Greece, with other Portuguese universities we are developing so many worldchaning projects, and now knowing that we have at least 20 more web engineers from Greece, just makes all of our future projects seem even more possible… On Leaving the Web, well, may we never leave the web, let’s just build it, design it, program it, lets live the web, together.\r\nI asked this site to write my paper for me http://writemypaper4me.org and their support team really helped me by doing exactly the same thing.\r\n

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