IEEE Xtreme Programming Competition 7.0

Following the challange set by IEEE, the IEEE ISCTE-IUL Student Branch attended, for the second time, to the IEEE Xtreme Programming Competition.\r\n

For those who doesn”t know (or that are more inattentive!) this competition consists in a 24 hour┬áprogramming challenge, during which problems are proposed to be solved by the participant teams.


These year we had two teams representing our student branch, which accepted the IEEE IST Student-Branch invitation and that joined them in IST Alameda (along with the teams from the recently formed IEEE IPLeiria Student Branch).\r\nDespite the competitive scope, the event was worth not only due to the earned experience but also due to the cooperation between teams (despite the competition scope) and to the hospitality of IST Student Branch (thank you!).


You can check the results of the competition in here.

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