Lego Mindstorms 2014 Workshop

This time, IEEE ISCTE-IUL SB presents the Lego Mindstorms 2014 Workshop.
The objective is to give all participants some basic knowledge on developing robotic solutions based on Lego Mindstorms. What can we do with Lego Mindstorms? What is the interest of making robotic solutions with Lego Mindstorms? How we build a robot with Lego? How to make the robot move? These are the questions we will answer in this workshop.
Interested? But there are some requirements:

  • Bring a laptop to develop the code of the robot;
  • Eclipse Standartd 32 Bit installed (you can find it here);
  • Java Development Kit 1.7 x86 installed (you can find it here);
  • LeJOS NXT installed (you can find it here);
  • NXT Fantom driver installed (you can find it here);
  • Be ready to make an awesome robot;
  • Bring some ideas of what robot you want to build;

Instructions for the installation here.

The workshop will be available for 5 groups with 3 to 4 elements, each. Be hasty!
15 May 2014 @ C405 (4th Floor in Edifício 2 – ISCTE-IUL) at 3:00 pm
Register your group here.
Lego awaits you!

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