New ExCom for the 2014/2015 year!

Dear IEEE ISCTE-IUL Student Branch members, the results from our recent elections are now available, and we are happy to announce the new Executive Commission!

Chair: Gonçalo Prendi (goncalo.prendi[at]

Vice-Chair: Marco Carvalho (marco_carvalho[at]

Vice-Chair: Pedro Assis (pmmas[at]

Treasurer: Luciana Micael (luciana.am89[at]

Marketing & Branding Chair: Rita Correia (Ms.Rita.Correia[at]

Academic TV: João Pavia (eng.joao.pavia[at]

Computer Society Chair: Henrique Ferreira (henrique[at]

Robotics and Automation Society Chair: Adriano Fernandes (adrianojosefernandes[at]

Women in Engineering Chair: Luisa Brito (mluisatbrito[at]

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