Girls in ICT Day 2014

On April 24th the IEEE ISCTE-IUL SB celebrated the Girls in ICT Day with an event dedicated to creating apps for Android. We invited the Engineer Ana Lara Simões from Sapo to give a workshop on Android development for beginners.

Teams were formed and each one tried to apply the knowledge acquired into building a prototype of an app. At the end of the day our jury composed by Prof Dr. Paulo Trezentos, Prof Dr. António Lopes and Eng. Ana Lara Simões graded the projects created and voted on which team had the best idea and best app.

The winner was the team with the app MyISCTE-IUL that provided access to some services of the institution such as personal and academic information, library catalog, secretary tickets, events, canteen menu and ask for help when something is not working at ISCTE-IUL.

We hope to celebrate this date again next year and have an even better event that promotes Women in Engineering.

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