Lisbon Game Conference


The organization of the conference “Lisbon Conference Game: Welcome to the world of games” in the context of cooperation between academia and industry, will hold this event on 11 and 12 November 2014, in the Grand Auditorium of ISCTE-IUL . This event is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, and also for hight-school students with an interest in the field of gaming.

This conference counts with the participation speakers in the area of videogames, 4 workshops on 3D modeling, animation, game design and game development and a series of presentations made by leading manufacturers. Also includes two discussions panel involving academics, industry representatives, designers, psychologists and journalists, where they will discuss topics related to trends in video games (commercial and development aspects), pros and cons of their use by young people, the presence of women in the gaming industry and as consumers.

In addition to the presentations, there is an exhibition area where attendees can be in direct contact with some companies of the area and startup companies that are active in videogames.

There will also be a lounge area where you can try some of the latest video games and consoles launched in the market.

A free application that aims to encourage participation in various activities, with a scoring system and quests that reward the most active team will be available.

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