How to Write a Thesis and Survive the Process Workshop

Writing a thesis is normally a synonym of pain and suffering, but a mandatory task for all students who wish to graduate as a Master or PhD.
In this talk we elaborate on the main (personal and scientific) problems that a students encounters when writing a thesis.

These include: choosing a topic and an advisor; how to find research papers; how to structure a thesis; the perks of scientific writing; how to find inspiration; among many others.

Sofia Gomes is a PhD Candidate in Artificial Intelligence from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where she also obtained her MSc degree in Computer Science in 2009.

Her research is mainly focused in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Action Theories, Logic Programming, and Event Processing.

She is also an IEEE Volunteer and she currently serves as Vice-Chair of IEEE Portugal Section.

You can access the presentation here:



The IEEE ISCTE-IUL SB invited Sofia Gomes to do a presentation about her experience writing a thesis and some of her advice on how to accomplish a good job doing it. The presentation on inserted in the class Introdução à Investigação para Engenharia da prof. Isabel Alexandre, and we counted with 50 participants  who gave very good feedback about the content of the presentation and how much they related with the problems described.
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